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I am Taking Donations to help fund the Vet Bill for 6 Kittens & A Young Mother .

Someone recently abandoned these tabby kittens and their mom at our farm in Missouri. Not only do I want to find good homes for them but I want to help them and their new owners by paying for each kitten to be neutered & all their shots. I also want to send each kitten off to their new homes with a care package containing food, treats, toys, bedding, grooming tools, & flea treatment .
By offering to pay for these necessities I am hoping to take the financial load off any potential new owners so these loving kittens will get adopted to good homes and have a chance at a great long life.

So please Help Me by Donating anything from $2 to $20 .

I will be giving away gifts for anyone donating $15 or more.

Click Here To Donate