By R.J. Huneke as influenced by Leslie Ditto's "IMAGINE"


Imagine that the drowning, the water crowding in around your oversaturated lungs, was really just occurring along the inside of your being.

What spills over her mask-like visage is a thick, jet, oil. She had a name, but it poured into the same viscous world as her hair . . . and transformed. Careening the head, she plays the soft vibrations and wakes the tranquility where all impossibility is pushed away. And she pushes hard. The scent is clean and strong and earthy. The names had only to be whispered.

Despite the impending doom, the climbing walls, the softer blue penetrates the air. She feels it at her back. Grace and equilibrium push the seedlings to sprout, and flower, and bloom with wild, pink ideas that dance and drip down, like falling stars, and each one grants the wish that she imagined. One name, more names . . . she whispers them all.

Each frill, of each fish on earth, is utterly unique. All of the myriad marks of sand along the bottom of the sea jump into focus with each having its own fingerprint for the worlds filled with fountains filled with hands. She plucks the teeth and the joyous sound fills the air with schools and scores and possibilities.

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs Marks Dreams

Visual transcendence meets the impactful written word, and merges to give rise to The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs.

The invigorating dream carries the worlds of our inner and outer being, but is the journey through ‘The Garden of Fernal Delights’ imagined, or is it real?

Capturing the story and art of the amazing Garden is the full-color hardcover book The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs from Dreams & Divinities.

Leslie Ditto’s “Enlightened” is featured in the Encyclopedia, as a depiction of life bursting through layers of worlds, familiar and strange, lost and remembered.  Pealing back the inner eye can reveal the natural energy and perpetuity connecting all.

What is the Fernal Garden, you ask?

The Garden of Fernal Delights is a sublime and paradisiacal place where all the delights of the natural world from the sexual to the surreal, the visionary to the instinctive, are celebrated as fundamental joys of being alive. The Garden is a place with no evil, no notion of sin, no hierarchy – it is a place of magic, of play and playfulness. All things are possible in the Garden, where madness turns to wonder and everything that was once seen as cursed or damned is returned to the light of this strange world. Such ideas are upon serious meditation deeply challenging to the modern world. This is our chance to explore a new imaginary world that is collectively co-created, and to try and answer: What does a world with few boundaries and few hang-ups feel like?  [Dreams & Divinities Visionary Art Expedition: http://www.visionaryartexhibition.com/garden-of-fernal-delights.html]

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs is written by Gromyko Semper, Liba W S, and Bruce Rimell, designed by Liba W Stambollion, and is illustrated by 105 of the world’s most talented artists, including Leslie Ditto.

This remarkable edition is due for publication in late 2014.


By R.J. Huneke


Source: http://www.visionaryartexhibition.com/gard...