The Bell Tolls On Her Future Dystopia

By R.J. Huneke, as influenced by Isaac Asimov's The End of Eternity & Leslie Ditto's "Bell Tolls" Piece


As the restraints of Eternity were broken, the entire string of pearls, the timeline crashed down upon reality and filled Noÿs and Harlan with the joy of infinite possibilities.

What Noÿs did not know was that there was an unknown effect of being in both Infinite and Eternity. As time wore away and eroded the Primitive Centuries, bit-by-bit, year-by-year, like grains of sand slowly trickling through the hourglass and falling to be lost in the pile below, she remained relatively unchanged.

There had been the alteration that had caused Harlan to nearly gun her down, before he fell hopelessly back in love with her. And it must have spread like a leaking acid that ate away at the fabric of humanity’s history.

The mushroom cloud came, over and over, until the air was no longer breathable and Harlan’s bones were buried deep in the earth. She grasped hold of the dry bone tightly and stared out of her space helmet. Her imagination carousel ran wild.